Modus operandi

From its creation in 2012, Ensol has focused exclusively on designing, building and delivering world-class high performing lithium industrial batteries and chargers for the material handling industry. We have years of experience with more than 5,000 batteries in the field which are working hard with great results for our customers every day.

Our innovative products deliver exceptional performance to our customers across a broad spectrum of applications. Ensol batteries are performing daily in severe temperature conditions and in high hour and heavy duty-cycles. Our customers have realized increases in productivity, reduced costs and provide safer conditions for their people.

​We believe in education and continuous learning. We offer our customers information about the advantages and the benefits of lithium technology and products so that they can make informed and intelligent decisions about their lift truck battery needs.

We believe in designing integrity into everything we do. It starts with our products and extends into our relationships with our dealer partners and our customers. Doing what we say we will do and delivering on our promises is how we earn and maintain trust